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We prioritize quality, trust, integrity, and commitment in the business. Through coffee beans, we can embrace the societies to build a better life together.

We only supply the best coffee beans from various regions in Indonesia to introduce you to the best flavors from Indonesia through the Coffee Beans Warehouse.



Integrity means telling the truth, keeping promises, and treating others with fairness and respect. Integrity is something we hold as a principle that cannot be compromised.


Innovation means creating, designing, developing products and services that have high attractiveness in the market. By continuing to add various variants and services to the coffee beans warehouse project in the future


Commitment is important where we will continue the best service to customers in order to create a good and sustainable business environment.


Quality is demonstrated in many ways by selling and supporting products and services that delight customers. We provide the best quality of our products and maintain it in order to present the perfect coffee taste.

Our Products

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Robusta - Grade 1,2,3

Robusta beans are planted on the slopes of Muria with a garden height of ±900-1200m above sea level which is traditionally processed and produce coffee that has a very distinctive aroma and has a delicious taste.

Type : Single Origin
Origin : Muria Slope
Taste : Strong and more bitter
Caffeine Level: High
Shape : Green Bean / Roasted / Powder

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Arabica - Grade 1,2,3

Legendary arabica coffee beans from West Java were obtained from Indonesian coffee farmers. The pleasure of this coffee starts from the fragrant and strong aroma of the beans that make you want to brew and sip it immediately. This coffee is even more special with a spicy taste, balanced acidity, and a strong aroma.

Type : Single Origin
Origin : West Java, Indonesia
Taste : Light and sour
Caffeine content: Low
Shape : Green Bean / Roasted / Powder

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Arabica gayo Luwak

Comes from Arabica coffee fermented by a natural wild mongoose. We don't do the ways that many other people might do by breeding civets so that the quality and taste of Luwak Arabica Gayo's civet coffee is guaranteed.

Type : Single Origin
Origin : Gayo, Aceh, Indonesia
Taste : Black tea, fruity, brown sugar
Caffeine : Low
Shape : Green Bean / Roasted / Powder


Arabica gayo wine

Ferment Coffee is a type of Arabica coffee grown in the Takengon highlands, Aceh. Planted from a height of 1500m above sea level. Ferment Coffee is not coffee mixed with wine but selected coffee beans that are picked without peeling the shell and then fermented for a long time.

Type : Single Origin
Origin : Gayo, Aceh, Indonesia
Taste : Fruity, strong wine, berry
Caffeine : Low
Shape : Green Bean / Roasted / Powder


Arabica gayo honey

Honey or honey process or often called natural pulped. In the honey process, the coffee cherries are peeled and dried with a layer of mucilage still covering the coffee beans. Then during the drying process, this layer still absorbs moisture from the air, making it stickier, which resembles the texture of honey. This process is widely used in Central America, and they call it the word miel, which means honey. So that's where the name honey process comes from.

Type : Single Origin
Origin : Gayo, Aceh, Indonesia
Taste : Fruity, chocolate, black cherry
Caffeine : Strong
Shape : Green Bean / Roasted / Powder


Arabica gayo Peaberry

Arabica Peaberry Coffee / Kopi Lanang is a term for coffee beans that are round and single, not split in half like coffee beans in general. This coffee is obtained by sorting Arabica coffee beans very carefully. It's very rare amount makes it special and famous for its delicious taste. Also extraordinary properties, especially for male reproductive health.

Type : Single Origin
Origin : Gayo, Aceh, Indonesia
Taste : Strong and a little spicy
Caffeine Level : High
Shape : Green Bean / Roasted / Powder

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Arabica Gayo Specialty

Arabica Specialty coffee is the best quality gayo coffee. Specialty coffee is an assessment or classification of coffee that has a special aroma and taste. If we judge based on the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) assessment, a specialty coffee must have a minimum value of 80 and a maximum of 100 and have no primary defects for its green beans.

Type : Single Origin
Origin : Gayo, Aceh, Indonesia
Taste : bitter chocolate, Ripe fruit
Caffeine Content : Medium
Shape : Green Bean / Roasted / Powder

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